Ladder Heroes

What is Ladder heroes?

How do I sign up?

To register, send an email to with...
  1. The subject line "[NA/EU] LADDER HEROES APPLICATION".
  2. Your most well known username.
  3. A link to the account you will use for the event.
  4. The paypal account you would like to be paid at.
  5. A replay of at least 15 minutes in length for identity verification
  6. The best way to reach you(discord preferred, otherwise e-mail, etc.)
How does it work?
Ladder Heroes is a $1000 USD event split into two types of competition: weekly and monthly.

  • On 4 Saturdays a month, a "ladder lock" happens where the top players on each region's grandmaster ladder receive prizes for being at the top.
  • Players must play a minimum of 1 game a week before the ladder lock in order to be considered
  • Players are sorted according to a special system that is subject to change and viewable on this website's homepage.
    Currently the formula is: [MMR] + (25 * [SEASON WINS]^(3/5))
  • The top 20 players will earn "Ladder Hero Points" that go toward qualifying them for a tournament known as the monthly finals.
  • The top 6 players will earn cash prizes totaling up to $150 a week and $600 a month via paypal for being at the top.
    1st) $50, 2nd) $30, 3rd/4th) $20 5th/6th) $15 USD
  • The top 12 "Ladder Hero Point" holders qualify for a single elimination monthly finals.
  • The payout for the Monthly finals totals to $400 USD and breaks down as follows:
    1st) $200, 2nd) $75, 3rd/4th) $37, 5th-8th) $12.50
  • Seeding is done via aligulac points amongst the 1st-4th place and 5th-12th place "Ladder Heroes" point holders.
  • Scheduling of the Monthly finals is done after the 12 players are selected and a date/time will be picked that accomodates as many players as possible, with higher seed players getting scheduling priority.
  • Replays from the monthly finals are sent out to subscribers of feardragon's channel.
  • More detailed rules for the monthly final can be found on their respective challonge pages.